Slice of Life: baseball begins

(This is part of the Slice of Life project)

Last night, I sat in on a meeting of coaches for the local Little League teams as they “drafted” young players. I offered to help a neighbor coach his team this year. My son was on his team last year and we think highly of this man, and plus, I wanted to see what went on behind the doors. Basically, all players are evalulated and rated following an evaluation day earlier this month, and then it goes around the table as coaches choose players for their teams. It’s difficult. We wanted a balanced team, both in terms of abilities and also personalities. I was happy with the outcome, even though there are a few names on the team that we do not know.

And next week, practice will begin. Baseball season is here.

Peace (on the mound),

  1. Your slice reminds me of my childhood. Every summer my family would spend our weekends at the baseball field. My dad coached and my brothers and I all played on a team.

  2. There’s something about baseball which says “OK, spring’s here and the boys of summer are getting ready.” We have a local farm team that draws a huge crowd–sellout houses quite often. It’s easier that heading over to the Dodger’s or the A’s and the local color (crazy mascot) is a hoot.

    So I understand the urge to get the teams balanced for a long delicious season of whacking at the ball, sending it to the outfield (hopefully) or infield (on a bunt). Hope you have good time and nobody gets hurt.


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