Gathering Feedback on Digital Science Books

I had my students take an online reflection last week as the final stage in the Digital Science Picture Books (on cell mitosis) after we shared the books with other students. We may yet do more sharing next week. Here are some of the results of the survey. These questions tried to get at the use of technology in creating a book project.

Click on the image to get a larger viewing.

My own interpretation is that my students are becoming much more adept at using the technology to create the books and much more comfortable. I had more use of audio and more use of embedded video, and more ease of these tools than in past years. It may be that I am getting better at structuring the lessons, or that they are more comfortable with the tools, or that they are unafraid to try new things. They seem pretty fearless, for the most part, when it comes to using the computer as a tool for composing a book. I like that and wish more teachers were like that, too.

Peace (in the results),

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