Using Webcomics Across the Curriculum

Today, I am a presenter at our school’s Literacy Conference and the only nod to technology. I am doing a session around using webcomics across the curricular areas. I’ll be bringing folks into a ToonDooSpaces site to play around and see the possibilities themselves. My task for them is to create a comic that explains an idea in math, or science, or social studies.

I am also excited because two of my students have agreed to co-present the first part of the workshop with me. They are going to give a little tour of our webcomic site and talk about how they use it and what they like about it.  I like bringing the student voice in the mix.

Here is my presentation:

Peace (in the frame),

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  1. After seeing a previous post of your on toondoospaces, I signed up for the site. I had my students do their plate tectonics unit vocabulary as comics. Not the most creative, but a great intro to the site for them. They loved it! Thanks for the inspiration!

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