A Bit of Alliteration for Our Days

I’ll admit it: I was worried that folks were either against alliteration or losing interest in Days in a Sentence this week (or just plain did not have the time). On Friday, I had just two people send in a sentence (thanks Bonnie and Jim — and you can hear Jim podcast his sentence over at Vocaroo). So, I sent out a reminder to our email group and lo and behold, I ended up with 17 responses. Thank you to everyone!

I’ve been wanting to use Prezi for Days in a Sentence, so here it is: your alliterative days in a prezi (direct link to the show is here, since I know Prezi does not show up in Google Reader):

Peace (in perpetuity, please),

  1. This was a great way to prepare myself as I set out to create a 3D Olympic torch for my door and Olympic rings for our large bulletin board. Gotta set the stage for our great thinkers as they prepare to research their individually chosen aspects of the Olympics. Thanks to those who participated and to Kevin for keeping us all connected!

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