Day in a Tabloid Headline (Sentence)


So, we missed last round of Day in a Sentence. Sorry about that. And I am away this weekend, so all collections of your words will have to wait to be published until early next week. Which gives you plenty of time to boil down the essence of your day or y0ur week, and then use a bit of hyperbole, and (this was a suggestion from one of you), create a DAY IN A TABLOID HEADLINE.

Sure, use capital letters. Exclamation points are good, too. It’s all about the shouting this week. And word play. So, have fun with your DAY IN A TABLOID HEADLINE!!!!!!!!

You can submit your headline by using the comment box on this post. All the headlines will go into my holding cell, where I shall feed the words on bread and water until they give up the truth and nothing but the truth. Freedom is but a week away, however.


Here is mine — it has to do with a big Benefit Concert we are doing tonight to collect books for needy schools and donations for Pennies for Peace. My brain is full with the planning of it. I used the fun Newspaper Clipping Image Generator to create mine (if you want to do the same, then email the photo file to dogtrax(at)gmail(dot)com and I will include it).

Peace (and I mean it!),

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