Mental Activity: the ideal classroom

Over at our iAnthology writing site, this week’s writing prompt asked us to write about our “ideal classroom” from any perspective. Here is mine, which I ended up doing as a Bitstrip Comic, although the layout was done at a site called Classroom Architect, which is a no-frills option.

Note: this link will take you to the full-size image.

Peace (in the lay of the land),

  1. Great ideas. This year I tried to create a different “feel” for my room, too. I have two large green corduroy chairs for reading, a sofa next to the bookcase, a long table filled with netbooks, a funky lamp in the corner–all to change the sterile environment. I think it worked:)

  2. I love the resource you used to create your ideal classroom! I just graduated and we had an assignment to do just that. I wish I would have known about this resource ahead of time, it would have saved hours of work! However, I am emailing it to my professor, so that she can pass it on to her next class.

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