Checking out Stripgenerator (again)

bass player

A few years ago, when I was first thinking about making my own comic strip about kids and teachers and technology, I turned to a site called Stripgenerator to begin work on the comic. Stripgenerator has an odd feel to it, and the comic that began as something called Outerworld Web later emerged as Boolean Squared when I decided to shift over to using Comic Life for the layout. I wanted to own the content and the process from the start to finish, so Comic Life seemed better suited for my needs.

This morning, I got one of those “our sites have been updated” emails from Stripgenerator, so I wandered over there. It doesn’t seem all that different from when I was there last (more than a year ago) and it still has an odd feel to it, thanks to the strange characters.

But, I made a quick comic, poking fun at bass players. You can give Stripgenerator a try without an account, if you want. It’s easy enough to use. I would not bring students to the site, however, as some content is not quite suited for kids. Which is too bad. I bet that teenage boys, in particular, would have a lot of fun with the punk-rockish tone of the characters.

Peace (with the stripping),

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