Calling for Days in a Haiku

I had promised that I would be more regular with Day in a Sentence, but I haven’t. I guess vacation and then the start of summer got in the way. But I want to invite you into this week’s version of Day in a Sentence by asking you to consider writing a Day in a Haiku.

How does that work, you ask?

  • Reflect on a day in your week or your week as a whole
  • Boil down the essence of it into a haiku (formal structure or not … I don’t mind)
  • Share it as a comment to this post
  • I will gather up as many haikus as have been shared and post them all together over the weekend
  • Be reflective and creative

I hope you can join us.

Here is mine:

Thoughts swimming inside:
The first days, I put faces
and names together

Peace (in the reflective sharing),



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