A Look at our Student Video Game Showcase

We headed off into the holidays with style yesterday as all of my sixth graders showcased their video games with peers from other classes in a an effort to gather more peer review responses and … well … play video games before our holiday break. First, we set up tables in our cafeteria, and created “gaming stations” (ie, laptops), and while a game developer looked on, users came and played. Then, the player moved on to other games. Finally, they all switched roles, so that developers became players, etc.

Meanwhile, in another room, students were podcasting their Video Game Review projects with our iPod Touches. I’ve just started looking at the persuasive writing assignment and they seem pretty well done. I’m excited because not only do they get to demonstrate expertise in a video game, but we are doing this in conjunction with two other classes. We’re going to find a way to share the reviews out together. And the owner of a game review website — Gametrender — has generously offered to publish some of my students’ reviews on his space, giving them an authentic publishing experience.

Our principal and vice-principal both wandered into the Game Showcase, and both noticed just how incredibly engaged every single student was in the event. My principal, who is very supportive of technology as a tool for learning experiences, and I chatted about the writing components that were embedded in the game design project, and then he wandered off to watch some podcasting on the iPods in action. (I realized: I should have interviewed him with my video camera!)

Peace (in the world),


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