It’s Nice to Get Noticed: Game Design

Yesterday, I shared out my new Video Game Design resource, and it generated a lot of interest across various networks, including Twitter (which I hope translates into possibilities for more students to use video game design in the classroom). The site also got a few mentions here and there on other websites and blogs, which is always an honor. It’s not always easy to stand out in the cacophony of the web world.

First, Richard Byrne at Free Tech for Teachers gave me a warm shout-out. I always appreciate the sharing of resources that Richard does at his site and encourage you to visit Free Tech for Teachers on a regular basis.

View Free Tech for Teachers Blog

Second, the Gamestar Mechanic teachers’ blog also focused on my website. The blog is a place where gaming projects are coming into focus, so to have mine in the mix is a nice honor.

View Gamestar Mechanic Teacher Blog

Finally, I am working with a few new colleagues (mostly from Canada, it seems) to create a wiki resource space around gaming in the classroom. Julie Johnson is spearheading the effort, and it is just beginning, but we hope to have a collaborative site that can be of use to other teachers considering gaming as a possible learning activity. It’s exciting to be part of collaborative adventures!

View Game in  Ed Wiki Site

Thanks to everyone who did drop by the game design site, and gave feedback through my various networks. I appreciate it!

Peace (in the connections),


  1. I’ve been reading your posts and passing them along to one of my students, an avid and accomplished gamer. Thanks here for the extra links. And congratulations on putting together more about the value of creating games.

  2. I’m so excited that you shared your amazing resource! You’ve inspired me to try a similar activity in my Grade 1/2 classroom. Thanks for pushing me to try something new! My students thank you too. 🙂


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