Three Tech Tools for the One-Computer Classroom


This weekend, I am heading down to Birmingham, Alabama, to give a keynote address to a conference hosted by the Red Mountain Writing Project. The conference centers around the Common Core, 21st Century learning and more. I have been asked to also lead a short session that shares out some tools that teachers in a one-computer classroom might find valuable. While I am fortunate to have access to a cart of PCs on a regular basis (though they are aging now and showing their age), I realize that a lot of teachers must make do with a single computer.

It’s difficult to fully embraced digital literacy if that is your situation.

Anyway, here is the handout for the three tools that I want to share with teachers that I think could have an impact on a classroom: Cinch, Wallwisher and Make Beliefs Comix. (I also went for “free” since I assumed paying for something would be out of the question).
Three Free Tools for the One Computer Classroom

What would you put on your list?

Peace (in the sharing),


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  1. I’ve tried to think through all that we did in the online tools class, but for one computer, I think I’d still use Diigo so I could directly give some sites for students to use, and give instructions. We loved Popplet too, but it’s similar to Wallwisher. One more: how about for brainstorming?

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