The Slice of Life Challenge Begins Tomorrow

If you are looking for a way to get yourself writing every day, and connecting with a supportive community of other teacher-writers, I urge you to consider joining in the Slice of Life challenge. Now in its fifth year, Ruth and Stacey at Two Writing Teachers encourage you to reflect on a moment of your day — bring a small slice into focus, and consider it as a writer.

The Slice of Life Challenge starts tomorrow (the first day of March) and goes through the last day of March (so, you could do 31 pieces of writing). Sure, you may not write every single day — or you just might! Slicers post their links to their writing at Two Writing Teachers every day, and Stacey and Ruth encourage folks to visit the writing and add comments and reactions.

Oh, and there are prizes for Slicers! (Including a copy of my book — Teaching the New Writing). And teachers are being encouraged to consider the Slice of Life Challenge for students, too.

Learn more about Slice of Life

Peace (in the slices),


  1. Game on! It’s live, Kevin. Thanks, as always, for your public support of this challenge. Can you believe this will be your fifth one?

    Thank you again for donating a copy of your incredible book. That was so kind of you.

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