“The Tweets” Come to an End

Tweets title

I was tweeting out about The Tweets comic yesterday, releasing the series of comics in a series of tweets w/comics through the course of the day (except for the final one, which I had not yet finished). I had a few good responses but I am going to just put the rest of the series here in this post and provide you with a link to the Flickr set where the short-run comic resides now. If you missed yesterday, The Tweets was inspired by a news story about politicians paying for fake followers on Twitter. I got to wondering: who would get that kind of job? Well, Stew did. And Frank was there, too.

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Tweets 3
Tweets 4
Tweets 5
Tweets 6
Tweets 7
Tweets 8 final
Thanks for reading.

Peace (in the frames),

PS — you may notice my reference to another webcomic character, Boolean, in that last strip. I imagined he might be friends with these two dudes.

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