Slice of Life: The Saxophone Didn’t Break

Last Tuesday night, as my band was practicing to get ready for our gig over the weekend at the local regional fair, I was in the middle of a solo (on Love Potion #9) when the neck of my saxophone snapped off and fell to the ground with a sickening “thud.” I was stunned, and the rest of the band just stopped and stared. I have an old saxophone, but still … that certainly had never happened. And the gig was just days away!

The next day, I took a long ride to a music store, and pleaded with the repair dude to see what he could do. He did, and he was able to put the pieces that came apart back together.

But throughout the gig, I was tight, thinking that any moment the saxophone was going to fall apart on me, in front of all those people. It sort of felt like those before-first-day-of-school dreams we get (I’m having them this week) in which all of your careful planning goes for naught. But my saxophone held, and I am sure my first days with students will be fine. Sometimes, things fall apart, but we can find ways to get them back together again.

Peace (in the fix),


  1. Oh my, sorry it happened & hope it’s a good fix. You are right, just keep on doing (playing) & assume that it will all be okay. Have a good start.

  2. Wow Kevin,
    You’re metaphor for fixing what has broken really hit me. I had a rough beginning of school last week-but things were better today-it can be fixed-made better even!?! Thanks for this post!

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