Letters to the Future: Breaking Glass

I have shared this out for the past few years around the holidays. It’s a story about our family tradition of writing scrolled notes to our future selves and then putting them in our glass ornaments. Sometimes (often), they fall, break and we read letters from our past. This year, we read a letter from our now-12-year son when he was just three years old, and another from my wife and I before we had kids (but one was ready to hatch).

Listen to the story:

Peace (in the tradition),
PS – I just saw how many times this podcast has been listened to since I first started sharing it. There have been 2,400 listens! Wow.



  1. Thanks Kevin! I forwarded your link to my district as a beautiful message to hear during this time of year.. I’ve received some wonderful responses πŸ™‚

  2. “What a lovely holiday tradition AND your friend is, indeed, a gifted story teller. Have a wonderful holiday break, Donna.”

    “Thanks donna, just bookmarked his site…… looks like he has other great resources too!”

    “I loved it! Wish I had thought of that years ago – maybe with grandchildren someday? Each son has his own ornament box and we sit and remember the reason why the ornament matched the age of the child. it is fun. One year, Eric sharpied all the ornaments with little messages of love, so sweet, so cute now.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. And more… isn’t it nice to know you’re impacting people ??

    “Hi Donna,
    it is interesting to me that you sent this email. I wanted to buy an ornament for my Grandson for Christmas with a special logo. Unfortunately it did not exist.
    I went to AC Moore and bought a plain glass disc ornament. Copied the logo (legally) and this christmas he received an ornament. Happy New Year!”


    “Thank you for sharing that, Donna. What a lovely, lovely idea. I’m going to start that with my future grandchildren!!”

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