Slice of Life: One Little Word for 2013


Over at Two Writing Teachers, my writing friends Stacey and Ruth are using today’s Slice of Life post (a Tuesday feature) to ask folks to write “one little word” for the new year.

Here’s mine, which goes to the heart of what I do as a writer and what I try to do as a teacher (and as a father and husband, and well, just about everything. I am not saying I am always successful with my reflective stance, but I try):

What’s yours?

Peace (in the word),



  1. That’s a great word choice! I’m still trying to decide on mine. Maybe that will be my post for next week.

  2. Kevin,
    Your one little word is a great word to consider-its
    A word that is in constant competition with time! It’s easily forgotten or dropped when the time crunch is on-at least for me…your word reminds me to spend more time on what matters! Reflection…

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