Writing Haiku in Many Directions

As you know, I have been experimenting a bit with HaikuDeck — a presentation app on the iPad — and yesterday, I decided that, well, I just had to write a Haiku poem on the HaikuDeck app. I mean, the symmetry is too much to pass up. I also decided that I wanted my haiku poem to branch out, so that each of the three lines of the poem would extend to another haiku. I used the “notes” function of HaikuDeck to add a branching poem. It did not work out exactly as I had wanted — I could not figure out how to make line breaks — but as an experiment, I still liked the whole endeavor. One of the more interesting elements of HaikuDeck is choosing an image that evokes the meaning of the lines without getting too literal.

Check out the poem — I am embedding it here but to see the three branching poems, you need to read it live at my HaikuDeck Gallery site:
Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad
Peace (along the branches),


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