Poems with Bud: Still, I Cannot Sleep

Leave it to Bud to come up with a little twist in his sharing of images this month to inspire poetry. Today, there was no image. Instead, in its place was a message saying the photo had been redacted and removed. That inspired me to write this poem.

This day, I fear, has gone in reverse –

so that every door opened, shuttered;

every word uttered, retracted;

every kiss given, returned;

every lesson learned, forgotten;

to the point where driving out becomes merely coming home,

and tonight, as I sit down heavily on the bed,

book in hand, ready to read to sleep to dream,

my mind is already cranking into the slow gear of morning thoughts

with coffee percolating in the air

and words dangling along the edge of the wilderness,

where stories graze on the embers

of night, and still,

I cannot sleep.

And the podcast:

Peace (in reverse),


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