Supporting Youths in Youth Voices this Summer

Youth Voices Summer Program (5/10/13) from Karen Fasimpaur on Vimeo.

Youth Voices is an amazing network and community for young writers that has been nurtured over the years by a number of educators, but none so much as Paul Allison. Paul’s work in his classroom, with Teachers Teaching Teachers webcasts, with the National Writing Project, Youth Voices and more have really put many of his ideas around learning in the digital age into action in meaningful ways.

This summer, Paul and others are tapping into the crowdsourcing funding movement to sponsor a summer program for youths in new York to engage in learning with Youth Voices. They are using a new site called InciteED, which is sort of like a Kickstarter for educational projects. Your contributions will make the summer program more accessible to high school students in New York City as they spend part of the summer writing, exploring and connecting.

Check out the Youth Voices Summer Program on IncitED.

I contributed and I would ask that you consider, too.

If it helps to hear how Paul thinks, check out this screencast about his views on Youth Voices.

Peace (in the support),


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