Slice of Life: Did You Approve My Comic?


(This is for Slice of Life)

She was barely in the door, when she asked: “Did you approve my comic?” When I answered, yes, she jumped and shouted out, “Yes!” and high-fived her friend. Talk about getting excited about publishing. We’ve been using an online webcomic space and it’s interesting how the act of sharing out work to an audience of peers within the closed webcomic community of just a classroom can really bring forth a certain amount of excitement and motivation.

Honestly, I liked her comic because of the musical theme, and girl empowerment. She’ll be happy to know that I am sharing her comic here, too, I suspect.


Peace (in the frames),


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  1. I hear you on this! Not only do I adore the comic (girl power – rock on!) but I have experienced the same thing. We’ve used online comic creators too, and the kids get SO excited to share and comment. Now I’ve just started using KidBlog and I’m feeling the same buzz. I REALLY hope that using Kidblog this year will get them to STAY excited about writing and that they’ll start building longer posts. But for now, the excitement is awesome!

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