#CCourse Comics: Of Brudders and Domains

After listening to Jim and Howard and Alan talk about the infastructure for open learning as part of Connected Courses, I could not help putting together a few comics to poke fun.

First, the three called themselves “brudders” with the names of Embed, Click and Link (a play on Car Talk). I added a fourth brudder.

The #CCourse Brudders

Second, I support the idea of folks setting up their own domains when running a college/university course. I do wonder if universities allow that. I know, with our writing project, we’ve run into walls on this issue, of the universities requiring us to use their learning management system. Maybe that’s a question for another time (or one I might bomb into Twitter).

Anyway, I had this vision of all these URLs being created along lines of Jim’s point that our spaces are our digital identities (I agree) and how the naming of a URL and a blog space/community network is an important first step. Thus, the domain rainstorm idea.

#CCourses Domain Rainstorm


Peace (in the frames),


  1. I love it! I hope to see more comics as the course proceeds. Before Sarah Palin grabbed the phrase, I heard the words “going rogue” applied to those of us who escaped the official LMS/IT dept apps and set up our own systems on non-university servers. I thought of it as flying under the radar. I could contest their whole system if confronted. While the authorities weren’t noticing, I was able to introduce students to the ways knowledgeable people took control of their web presence

      • I am a lowly “lecturer” (aka “adjunct”) with other sources of income, so I don’t really care if I’m fired. Also, it would cost them a lot more to hire someone to teach what I teach. You would think that a communication department at Stanford would have a couple of instructors who specialize in social media. The department has always been hospitable to me, and especially helpful when I had a bout of illness, and my student evaluations have always been good.

        • In some ways I want to laugh at your comment, in others I want to cry. It’s really sad that pedagogical innovation would be dependent on “not caring if I’m fired”

          • Don’t take me as a typical teacher, Paul-Olivier. I’ve had that attitude regarding every institution I’ve ever been involved with. I just don’t like being dependent on any one source of income. And I would never ever have been tenure track material, even if I had a degree. But yeah, I could tell stories about how my initial enthusiasms turned into flying below the radar.

  2. Kevinnare you interested in joining the Hangout for Blog Talk with me, Jim Groom, and Alan Levine and a couple others at 2 PM Pacific this Friday?

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