Playing with Mirrors/Palindrome Poems

The Learning Event for Walk My World this week has been “mirrors” and it had me remembering the concept of the mirror/palindrome poems, where the poem reads the same backwards and forwards. I’ve been trying my hand at them a bit.

First, I tried poems about writing and music. A key element for these poems is the use of punctuation to create pauses one way that don’t exist the other way, and the center line as a bridge between the sections.

Two Mirror Poems

Then, yesterday, I had this idea of taking the mirror image even further. I used an online site that will remix text, allowing you to create text written forward and render it backwards. I also wondered how it would sound, so I used another site that allows you to record your voice and then turns the audio in reverse.

Here is my Winter Mirror, Forward poem:
Winter Mirror, Forwards

Voice Recorder >>

Here is my Winter Mirror, Backward poem:
Winter Mirror, Backwards

Record audio or upload mp3 >>

And yes, I am sick of winter …

Peace (in the mirror),

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