Walking Portfolio for #Walkmyworld

I know there are a few more learning events for Walk My World (including the last one around heroic myths and the current one around the Story of Us) but I had pulled together a sort of digital portfolio via ThingLink as a way to capture the projects I had been doing since the start. I like using the visual, with links, although it does not leave room for post-project reflections without cluttering up the page.

Oh well. I am also keeping a Diigo Outline that I can share out another time. That might give me more reflective room to write. For now, I hope you enjoy a walk through my work and tinkering.

Wondering what Walk My World is?

The #WalkMyWorld Project is a social media project in which we share and connect online at Twitter using one hashtag. Groups of learners across the globe are connecting and sharing for 10 weeks using the #WalkMyWorld hashtag. — fromĀ https://sites.google.com/site/walkmyworldproject/homeĀ 

Peace (in the composition),

  1. I did Walk My World a bit last year, but I never got into it. I wondered if I was doing it incorrectly. Hmmm…

    Anyway, your post reminds me I should try using ThingLink again. I liked that site!

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