Webcomic: The Wild West Adventures of the Internet Kid


Last weekend, I was reading up on Alan Levine’s move to push ahead with a Western-style DS106 course, even though the college where he was to teach it pulled out due to lack of enrollment. Lack of enrollment in the course? Do they even know Alan Levine and DS106? Their loss, but Alan is launching the course as an open invitation.

There is sure to be lots of critique of the Western genre — of violence, and gender, and more — and I hope to do as much of it as I can, if only to be part of another DS106 adventure.  I am already part of an Outlaw Brigade with Wild Toady. I was thinking about Western DS106 this past weekend and started to get inspired to do a webcomic which has come to be called The Wild West Adventures of the Internet Kid.

Really, the comic has little to do with the Wild West and more to do about technology. No surprise there, if you follow my blog and comics. Before I knew it, I had more than a handful of comics created, and so I have decided to “publish” the comics, one per day (except today, when you get one plus my cover), on Twitter via the #western106 hashtag

I also just now realized that a Tumblr site would make sense, so here it is: The Wild West Adventures of the Internet Kid tumblr site. 

My aim is to have some fun with tweaking the Western genre AND technology and writing.  Plus, I like making comics. Honestly, some of the Internet Kid storylines work better than others, but I am sending all of them into the Wild anyway. I hope you get a chuckle now and then. And if it makes you think, well, all the better.

So, here you go — the first comic of The Wild West Adventures of the Internet Kid:


Peace (partners),

  1. Yay! I’m really excited that you are playing in #Western106 Kevin. I can’t wait to see more of your comics. I’m also really interested in the metaphor of the wild in relation to the Internet! There is this freedom that I love but it gives way to abuse that can be quite violent. This leads to the creation of fences in terms of rules and regs but then some start using fences to further their own means and take advantage of others.

    How was the west won? And what did we loose in that winning?

    • I hope I can meet at least of that expectation (but I doubt it)…. ha … Thanks for being there, too and who knows what it might bring …. See ya on the range …

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