At Middleweb: Forget the Tech/Focus on Learning


My start-of-the-year post for my Middleweb blog — Working Draft — is about what happened when I realized that the technology platform that I use at the beginning of the school year for a few projects with my sixth graders … died and disappeared on me. I had that slight panic of now what and then realized, again, it is never about the technology.

Read More Proof It’s the Teaching, Not the Tech at Middleweb

Peace (settling in now),

  1. Kevin, I posted this on your Middleweb blog.

    Having led a small, under funded, non-profit youth program for 20 years, I really understand the frustration, challenge and opportunity that you’ve expressed. Doors constantly close as free tech becomes costly tech, as volunteers disappear, as computer upgrades reach beyond affordability. Having a clear vision of what you’re trying to do, such as connecting with your students, enables you to open new paths when the old ones are closed. Being part of the #clmooc and other networks is a huge advantage because you’re constantly able to draw upon the ideas, experiences and resources of others to help you overcome what ever obstacles appear. Teaching students (who become adults) to build clear visions, or senses of purpose, and to learn to find ways to achieve that vision, is one of the greatest things you and others who work with students can do.

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