#IMMOOC Found Poem: Begin with Exploration

I wandered around blogs this morning, gathering up words from various folks in the Innovator’s Mindset community. This poem — Begin with Exploration —  is the result of my wanderings … Thank you to bloggers who are sharing …. I used Google Docs to write, and then Notegraphy to create, Soundcloud to podcast, and then ThingLink to annotate, so that the passages in the poem might connect back to the original blog posts,

Peace (between the lines),

  1. Kevin, I just posted an article this morning, motivated by the Hurricane coming up through the Caribbean into Florida and the US SE coast. At the conclusion I invited people who are better writers than I am, to help communicate the ideas I share via their own work. http://tutormentor.blogspot.com/2016/10/climate-crisis-environmental-racism.html

    In the article I include two videos focused on the climate crisis. In the first the organizers say that “in order to address the climate crisis we have to first address inequalities”.

    With that in mind, educators in classrooms throughout the world might encourage students to do research on climate and environmental issues, and in doing so introduce them to issues of poverty and inequality.

    Such becomes the breeding ground of a new generation of leaders.

  2. Love that you created a Thinglink to each blog. Love the words and intentions. We are on a journey; thank goodness for the sharing…

  3. I love this. I love how you combine your personal interests with your learning in IMMOOC. Thank you for getting out on those skinny branches and sharing your learning in new ways to inspire others.


  4. Great example of leading by example and doing the types of activities we want our students to do (synthesizing info from multiple sources and using different tools to put it together in a product for public consumption). Thank you for sharing! I’m learning so much from #IMMOOC & finding all participants so inspiring!

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