#NetNarr: Sketchnoting Dark Mirror’s Nosedive

This week in Networked Narratives, one of the assignments is to watch the “Nosedive” episode of Black Mirror on Netflix, which tackles through its dystopian vision how the world is revolving more and more on the “like economy.”

Black Mirror Sketchnote: Nosedive

The Black Mirror Wiki (yes, of course, there is a thing) explains:

Lacie Pound lives in a world where anyone can rate your popularity out of five stars, from your friends to strangers you meet on the street.

As with other Black Mirror stories, this one takes the tech-infused idea to the extreme, as Lacie tumbles into social media wasteland after her own brother trends her downward.

I found the ending to be interesting, where Lacie has all of her approval technology removed after an episode, finds herself in jail and yet approaches real happiness and freedom when she starts to trade insults with another prisoner. They are no longer shackled by technology.

Black Mirror Sketchnote: Nosedive

I decided to sketchnote the story as I watched the episode, to try to capture in doodles what I was seeing and thinking about. This was the second time I have seen Nosedive, so I sort of knew what was happening.

Peace (ecaeP),

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