Comics As MultiMedia Literacy Doorways

Thanks to my friend, Lauren Z., I took a dive into this piece by Gene Luen Yang (back when he was still in the high school classroom and not writing cool award-winning graphic novels and ambassador of young people’s fiction and all that) about the power of comics and graphic novels in the classroom.

Take a look at the piece in Language Arts journal from NCTE from back in 2008 (his points are still valid today)

Thanks, Laura!

And I saw this, too, as I started looking around Yang’s website. The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art is a mere 15 minute drive from me, and they are going to be doing a Graphic Novel showcase in February, featuring Yang and others. I am so there!

And further rabbit-holing led me to this collection, which I just ordered through our library because the collection of stories about race and culture seems interesting. Yang is a contributor.

Peace (in frames),

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