Annotated Sound Files: Turning Terry’s Poem into Song

Terry Poem Song Annotated

Yesterday, I shared the song I created after reading Terry’s poem. This morning, after reading some lovely comments from him about process and time and effort, I went back into my sound project and began to annotate where his words influenced what sounds. I found it a useful bit of reflection and I suspect Terry might find it a bit intriguing, too.

Note: Shrinking the project to see all the tracks made everything tiny. Apologies.

Read yesterday’s post to better understand the annotations

Peace (sounds like dawn),

  1. I am fascinated by metaphorical thinking. It is ubiquitous. This “translation” is a purposeful exercise in how to do it. Oddly, it is an exact parallel of what I did when I wrote the poem. I borrowed the framework of a poem by James Wright, “Lying in a Hammock at William Duffy’s Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota”. If you read it and then read mine you can see how I have ‘play-giarized’ it. I have ‘stolen’ its format. I have ‘abstractified’ his poem, and I have ‘re-concretized’ it with my own experience. Sorry for the single air-quotes and the Latinate constructions. We are both translators. We are the embodiment of what metaphor originally meant–to carry over. I carried over James Wright into my own life and you carried over my life into your own and now I get to carry that echo back over with this comment (and a post I am working on). This is supremely close reading. It is reciprocation. It is honoring each others humanity and by doing so honoring all that is good and worthy in ourselves. I recommend the process. I cherish the products. Thanks.

    anti-spami-play-gerizing: rust bane I know. I have had to live with that name all my life. It would be like having the profession of auto underbody painting and coating technician and being called “Rust Bane”. Like I said, “Yeah.” My name is even worse. I love baseball. I love it to my core, but sometimes even this is too much. My name is Dirt. Dirt Diamond. Yeah. I know.

    • Interesting .. I did sort of recognize the cadence of the title, but I didn’t connect it with James Wright at all … I look forward to your own reflection at your blog …

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