Vacation Haiku: Small Poems for Quiet Moments

Silent Sunday

On a family summer vacation to the coast of Maine, I tried to use what I was seeing and experiencing for composing haiku poems early each morning, over a cup of coffee and a beautiful view of some marshlands. My writing was often interrupted – and just as often, inspired – by birds, deer and other wildlife, as well as just the beauty of the moments.

Some of the context behind the poems might be more for me than for the reader, but I think the reader can still enjoy the poems as is.

Day One

As sun slept, water
rippled, resting in moonlight:
Night tides fill all spaces

Day Two

Between moments of
winds wrestling another,
we deep breathe the calm

Day Three

Using tide as brush,
landscape as canvas, oceans
turn worlds beautiful

Day Four

Paddles push silence
through high tide and pathways,
buoyant as the birds

Day Five

Wake the day with fog,
blanket of obscurity:
oceans heard, unseen

Day Six

Quick feet/quiet ear,
marshland deer watch us, watching
them, then disappear

Day Seven

Time and weather worked
with relentless patience, honed;
Sand from mountain bone

Peace (in poems),

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