Collaborating With AI (Iteration Two – Playing A Poem)

Yesterday, I wrote about a poetry experiment I did with Google’s Gemini AI, but I am still interesting in exploring different angles on that project. I took its words and my words into Keynote and separated them out, so that one side is the AI lines and the other, mine. The music I composed seeks to echo some of the mentions in the poem.

I have another idea for the poem that I am not yet sure I can pull off, giving the reader agency over the poem. More on that, perhaps, for another day.

Peace (in experimental poems),

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  1. Re-iteration and prototyping are two of the most powerful tools I know of when exploring new ideas like Gen AI. And that idea will repay much I think. It will also betray the cracks in our learning systems and test it foundations. Hints of a revolution are seeded and sprouted. Now, when the frost is over, comes the planting.

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