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Considerations by Paul Allison - 1

I don’t know anyone in my educational circles who has been doing more deep, consistent, probing inquiry into the rise of Generative AI than my National Writing Project friend Paul Allison. Each week, he hosts a forum of teachers and students to think about the role of AI in our writing and learning lives, and with his annotation platform — NowComment — he has been weaving in the concepts of AI Thinking Partners for teachers, and reflecting on the experience.

The chart above takes some elements of a recent post he shared, summarizing some of the discussions and insights he has been having as schools and teachers grapple with policies around the creative and productive use of AI. I took a few elements that resonated with me.

You can read his whole post here at NWP Studio.

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  1. I think that Paul’s work is necessary. I hope teachers will teach teachers. Applying AI to learning is something Paul is well equipped for. I feel helped by his work.

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