Book Review: Poetry Comics

Poetry Comics by Grant Snider

Just in time for April and Poetry Month, Grant Snider’s new Poetry Comics book is a beautiful addition to the collection.

Grant gathers together four seasons worth of poems in the form of comics, in his own distinct style (literally – the book is divided into four seasons), and it’s lovely for the ways that he weaves in his illustrations, perspective viewpoints and a child-like view of the world. (This book is appropriate for any aged kid or adult).

Many of the comics are free-verse but he also uses rhyming patterns here and there, and haiku and other small form poetry styles. The book could be a useful resource in a classroom, particularly for students with an artistic bent and poetic reluctance.


I also appreciate how many of the poems are about writing poems (something I am apt to do, too, with my own writing) in a way that looks at the creative process of writers and artists in a fun but thoughtful way. He even has a How To Write A Poem series sprinkled throughout the book.

Grant posts his comics regularly at his blog, too, and are always worth a look.

Peace (and poems),

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