Back on the Grid

I’m crossing my fingers here but I believe I have finally regained access to my Edublogs. It’s a long story that has to do with technical stuff that I don’t even understand but it seems to have been resolved (although now I see that James is doing more maintenance this weekend so I will hold my tongue).

Anyway, last week, I received my latest issue of Wired Magazine and, there, on the cover, was … me.

Back in February, the magazine had said it would personalize the July covers for the first 5,000 readers who sent in a photo. So, I did it, and then forgot all about it until it came in the mail last week. My sons were quite impressed and thought I was famous, although they could not figured out what Wired meant and why anyone would use that word for the name of a magazine.

It’s great to be back blogging again.

Peace (with consistency),

  1. Great to have you blogging again! It has been a bit frustrating for me, as well, even as a very part-time blogger. Just when I wanted to post for my writing camp, Edublogs was down, then working incredibly slow as maintenance and updating was done. I still need to go back and beef up those entries I did during that time. Great to be in collaboration with you again!

  2. Wow, can I relate! I was without my blog the week before, I think and it was so hard and what about China, even worse. And at the moment I am dealing with restoring my files etc. for the second time in a week. These are the words to beware of: archive/restore…ugh…yesterday was a waste almost. A frustration for sure. Good thing I live so clos to an Apple Store: my best friends: Abe and Keith…
    What a world we live in and are dependent on.
    But I do love that you keeping moving around here. Love the Tech Friends challenge.
    Can’t wait to slow it to the SI 07

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