My first-ever Keynote Address

I had the great pleasure to be the keynote speaker of a technology in education conference for the Hudson Valley Writing Project this past weekend and it was a wonderful experience all around. The audience was full of interested, engaged educators and educators-to-be who were curious about the possibilities of technology integration.

For me, it was the first time I delivered any kind of keynote speech, so I was pretty nervous but once I got going, it seemed fine to me. My concept was to provide a gentle push forward into the Web 2.0 world for folks sitting on the edge, wondering how to dive in.

In the interest of sharing, here is a podcast of my speech and also a copy of the presentation that I gave to the participants.

My Keynote Address

[slideshare id=147245&doc=from-passive-user-to-active-participant-1193481886851724-5&w=425]

Peace (in sharing),

  1. You were nervous? I didn’t see that. I was nervous and you seemed so calm and then what you had to say was wonderful, perfect for establishing a positive and realistic tone about technology in the classroom. I think the audience was composed of both experienced and brand new teachers so your message was taken to heart. And then we moved everyone into virtual classrooms and you were there to move your message into their reality and support other presenters. What a perfect use of your leadership and experiences
    We have one presentation with the tech team at NCTE on Saturday morning. I have the culmination event in visuals.


  2. Good luck you guys on the NWP Annual Convention in NYC. I am going to miss the learning, the fun, the exprience, and most of all I am going to miss all of my Tech Liaison colleagues. You are all doing great with your leadership in your local WP sites, I am inspired. I got disconnected for a while because my pregnancy is giving me a hard time but I will be back in the circulation when I return after I give birth in February. Thanks for following up on me and for being very supportive. I came too far now with the NBC, I will persist. I am only points away… Say HI to everyone!

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