Getting a Glimpse of Digital Math Picture Books

My students are hard at work with their Digital Math Picture Books and some are now starting to panic about some deadlines that I have set for next week. But I think most of them will be OK. They need a little fire under them to reduce some of the social chatter during class and focus in on their work. Some of the books are just amazing. Others are going to need some significant work. But everyone — from the strongest writers to the most reluctant — are fully engaged in what they are doing with this project.

I grabbed some of the pages from books and went back to Animoto to see if I could create a fun little overview of some of their work. Here goes:

Peace (in pictures),

  1. Kevin-these are fantastic. I think these are a great way for students to creatively show what they know! I am tucking this away for third grade next year. I have never heard of animoto either. Learned a bunch of stuff just watching this video. Great share. Thanks.

  2. Thanks
    I will share out more of the project as it gets completed (soon).
    My kids are getting to the end and then will share with smaller kids at our school.
    Very cool.

  3. Hi, Kevin–
    Could you give me an idea of what technology you use with your students? The Services for Youth alliance that I’m a part of is negotiating a donation of technology equipment right now, and I’d love to be able to do some of the way cool stuff you’ve been doing with your kids. Any advice would be most welcome.

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