Slice of Life: the bird’s eye view

(This is part of the Slice of Life project)

Last night, my older boys and I took a bus trip into Boston to watch the Celtics take on the Cavaliers (Go Celts!) with some neighbors of ours. The bus trip is sponsored by our city’s recreation department. Taking the bus sure beats driving the car any day, particularly for an 8 p.m. game that ended way past my bedtime. But tickets are often iffy, with nose-bleed seats the norm. This year, we got our tickets and could not find our seats. I finally asked for help and was told to find the elevator (“It’s the only way to get there,” the usher said, giving me pause) and head up to the ninth floor. The ninth floor? It turns out our seats were way up there, in the area known as the Promenade. It’s the section that we always loop up and wonder how people get those seats. True, we were the farthest from the court, but our seats looked almost “down” on the court from above, giving us an interesting view of the game. And there was plenty of room to walk around, run around (if you were a kid), and stretch.

Plus, we saw an exciting game. And the Celtics won. And we could all snooze on the way home. I would say: win – win – win.

Peace (in the game),

  1. Saw the highlights of the game this morning on Sports Center. The Celtics are looking good right now, and I’m sure it was exciting getting to see LaBron play too.

  2. I probably would have preferred that–and would have had my camera out, enjoying the bird’s-eye view. Sometimes when I get above things, the patterns and the geometry and the crazy things people do become part of the show, like watching shoppers from the upper decks of the mall.


  3. I have sat in the front and in the nose-bleed section at hockey games and I must say that I enjoy the crowd better in the nose-bleed section. They seem to be more into the game.

  4. I watched a Flyers game from up high like that one night. It definitely gives you a different view. You can really see all the action (not the players faces, of course!)

  5. Sounds like a great boys night out. Hope your wife was enjoying her time as well. Too bad i can’t deal with long bus rides. There’s a great deal on a roundtrip bus trip to DC for the upcoming conference. I am taking the train instead.

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