Slice of Life: short, sweet and warmth

(This is part of the Slice of Life project)

My slice is simple: it was a beautiful day outside yesterday and most of the day was spent outside in the sun, gathering up warmth and breathing in the fresh air. Days like this remind us that winter in New England doesn’t last forever, although it often seems like that, and that soon, flowers will be poking their heads up from the grass.

The melting snow reveals lost treasures in our yard — forgotten whiffle balls, lost water guns, and other assorted plastic things. Neighbors were walking the streets and we saw some families with whom we have not talked to since the winter began. It’s strange, but true. Where did we all go for such a long time?

This morning, I looked out and it was … snowing again, so I guess I can’t celebrate too soon.

Peace (in sunshine),

  1. How about a photo? And it’s snowing again? Only rain here. You can’t be serious. UGH I am getting ready for my day with 6th graders tomorrow

  2. Oh, the joys of spring. It brings to mind that we can begin with something new again. As it is raining here in IN and has been all weekend, I’m ready for the flowers to bloom. I sometimes feel like the spring brings added patience with our students as well.

  3. Kevin, I enjoy reading your posts and slices of life. It’s raining here today and I’m wondering if the roads to the mountains (where I’m headed) will be frozen over by the time I get there. Spring snows are hard to welcome. I enjoyed the detail in your writing about finding lost toys in the melting snow.


  4. Oh dear! My mom said to me last night that we shouldn’t assume that winter is done with us yet … I guess she was talking to you!

    I love your sunny slice. I spent most of it inside at a post-conference board meeting, but I did get a little time out in the warm weather.

  5. Even I went outside today to absorb some warmth! Of course I was cleaning snow off the driveway while absorbing the sun. I am hoping to find a missing glove when it all melts away at last.

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