(video) Slice of Life: So you wanna play Quidditch?

(This is part of the Slice of Life project)
This is a slice, a few days removed, as I have finished up the Quidditch video project that we shot with kids last week. The idea here is to begin to share our game of Quidditch with other schools and to celebrate playing the game for 10 years at our school. This project was fun to edit, if a bit time-consuming, but I like the final product. I realized early on that the video footage of the kids playing the game was too hectic to really understand from an outsider’s standpoint, so I moved to use still shots with the voice-over from the book.

Eventually, this will find a home at our school website, with written explanations to go along with the video.

Peace (in golden snitches),

  1. Fabulous video. (I think I’d like to take Zach home with me.) I agree with you on the using the stills–good call. I can’t believe you have time to do SOLSC, sentence a day, video production, teach. Do you every sleep?

    Anyway, great video. I had a clever comment yesterday for you on that post, but edublog didn’t like my use of the word that describes games of chance played in Las Vegas, so it banned my comment. Sigh. Didn’t know that was one of the bad words–I was using it in terms of how our K12 gets all their classroom video equipment, but I didn’t think that had filtered up to us yet. And it was a great comment, too!


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