The First of the Digital Science Picture Books

This week, our digital science book project will be coming to a close as deadlines loom (and get extended). This is the first book that has been completed. The audio is not online, but it is a good example of some of the work being done by my students as they create digital books with cell mitosis as a theme for adventure:

Peace (in pictures),

  1. I have the privilege of watching Kevin and his class at work and it’s downright amazing. There are actually four different classes of students who cycle through the classroom over the course of the day and every one of them appears to be deeply engaged in their tasks. Of late, I have seen small groups of students sitting in the hallway, laptops in hand and intent expressions on every face. Since the teacher’s lav is on that hallway there are more than a few people passing by. I’m amazed by how focused the students are. The passersby rarely even get a glance. It wonderful to see the students at work. Good job Kevin! The cell mitosis project is working!

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