Happy to be Part of the Nerdy Book Club

I had the honor of having some writing posted at the Nerdy Book Club this morning. I wrote about those students who read furtively under the table as the teacher tries to teach. If you get a moment, give it a read, or you can listen to the podcast version, too. In either case, make sure you pop the Nerdy Book Club blog into your RSS and capture some interesting insights into why we love reading so much.

Read “Just Let Them Read” at the Nerdy Book Club


Listen to my post as a podcast

Peace (in the sharing),



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  1. Kevin
    I enjoyed your post on the nerdy book club, which I also follow. They are making an impact on my own reading, I have not been a great reader of ya or mg books other than to read aloud each day.
    However I do love reading and spend my time smiling indulgently at readers in my class who have the bug.

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