Considering Assessment for a Game Design Unit

My science teacher colleague and I have been struggling with the assessment part of our Geological Game Design Unit. We ended up with a checklist that focuses in on these areas:

  • Scientific knowledge
  • Story format
  • Writing Mechanics
  • Gameplay elements
  • Game Design

As we begin to play through their games, we will be determining if the projects met the expectations we set out for students or not. But it feels a bit wishy-washy, and the assessment tool will clearly have to be refined and worked on more if we are to do this project again next year. I know assessment of digital work remains a tricky area, but we need to have rich tools at our disposal to make sure the learning is transparent and assessable as much as possible. It’s not enough to say “it’s cool” or “they’re engaged.”

I don’t think our assessment tool does much more than that, but it is a starting off point.
The Geological Video Game Project Assessment Tool

Peace (in the reflection),


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  1. It’s a great starting point, and it keeps things simple and manageable. I think I would pick the one out of those 5 aspects that is really key for your students to demonstrate their knowledge of (the science, the gameplay?) and break it down a little further. So you’d have one key area with, say, 3 assessment points which you focus on, and 4 other general areas which you assess at a higher level.

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