Slice of Life: Hanging out with Lil Bookworm, Da Boss, Mogo and More

Yesterday, my class began their work on designing t-shirts for our Quidditch team (our name is Permafrost). This is part of a collaboration with our wonderful art teacher, and they began on their shirts with the back. Here, they put their number (which helps the fifth graders on computers keep track of scoring data – our math connection) and their team nickname. I always get a kick out of the nicknames they come up for themselves.

Of course, I have to be hip, too, to make sure they don’t sneak in something inappropriate. 🙂
Quidditch Nicknames

This word cloud captures most of the nicknames of my students. A few were still pondering this important decision. It’s all about identity, and sense of fun, when it comes to the names on the backs of their shirts. They take it pretty serious.  The funny thing is — no one really notices the nicknames when we are playing the actual game. The players are running so fast, and there is so much action, the spectators can’t even focus on the number, never mind the nickname.  So, it’s all intrinsic and internal for the kids. That’s OK.

(My favorite nickname on the list this year: Gone Viral.)

We’re still working on a symbol to represent our team and I hope we can decide that this morning or tomorrow.

Peace (in the nickname),


  1. Oooo – give that “Princess Leia” a pat on the back from me! I love how you say you have to “stay hip” to be sure they avoid anything inappropriate. Too funny!

    (mutters and shakes her cane at the kids, shouting, “kids these days!”)

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