Slice of Life: Books

I am going to add the media element to my Slice of Life posts this week, if I can. I am already using the six word story format on Twitter, with Soundcloud as my accompanying podcasting site. And now, I am tapping into Haiku Deck to create a simple slide, with background image. Upping the ante … not sure if I can sustain it!
This slice is about a conversation I had with my son about walking into a bookstore. He made me feel like an old man.

Peace (in the slice),

  1. Love this real life conversation. I am worried, too, about how the technology is invading that space for reading, but there will always be books. I am convinced of it. The smell is like no other. The feel of books. You have to fall into a book and then you are hooked for life. I think your son, like any normal 13 year old, was trying to push your buttons.

  2. I love this, Kevin! And I love that you’re adding sound slides to your posts!

    I don’t know if you’ll remember but forever ago I mentioned the black history comic I had as a kid and you asked me about it. Well, I recently found an old copy for sale online, and I wrote about it for my second slice, and Bonnie reminded me that I should tell you about it. (And, too, I should tell you that I’ve started writing my own comic!)

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