A Navigable World Map of Wonder Poems

Map of Wonder Poems(Click on image to go to interactive map of poems)

April is over, and so is our daily poetry writing about Wonders of the World. One of tasks I started to give myself midway through April was to create a map, where I began linking my poems to the geographic locations that inspired the poems (with topics provided daily by Mary Lee at A Year of Reading — thank you, Mary Lee!). A few of the topics at the end — like chocolate — are not located on the map because I didn’t have coordinates for yumminess. Maybe I should!

Anyway, click on the map or use this link, and you can explore the world through poems that I was writing all month. (Thank you for taking time to hang out with me and my words. They, and I, appreciate it.)

And yesterday’s sound poem, about the wonder of people, didn’t make it, either, so I decided to make a sort of digital story with the audio. This is yesterday’s poem, with audio brought into Zeega as way to layer in some images.

Peace (in the world),


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