Walking Through the World

This is another teaser for the Walk My World project. I just had to use Marc Cohn’s song, and tapped into Mozilla’s Popcorn Video Maker to create a video with animated gifs.

Check out Walk Through the World

And I am adding some “Director’s Notes” as a sort of cross-reference to the YouShow project now underway:

I have long loved Marc Cohn as a songwriter, and this particular song from an early album has resonated with me over the years. It seems like a perfect fit for the theme of Walk My World, although he is writing more about a relationship than about media literacy. Still …. I first wanted to make a Zeega, but then could not find the song in Soundcloud. So, I went with Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker. I found the song in YouTube and layered it down, turning off the video and keeping only the audio. Then, I searched for “walking” in the Popcorn search engine, using the Giffy site as my main focus. I wanted it to be Zeega-like. I listened to the lyrics, adding in non-walking pieces where it seemed to fit (I loved the gif of the girl on her bed, reading, kicking her legs back and forth). I only used a verse and chorus (and wish Popcorn had a fade music button). I like how it came out.

Plus, here is a visual tutorial I made on using Popcorn Maker:
Using Popcorn Maker

Now, go make yer own! Or remix mine!
Peace (in the world you walk),

  1. Way to show your work! Love the ‘off the hook’ image. Ever wonder if some of these gifs loose their original anchor. I know what a hanging phone means. I have seen a lot of mid-century noir, but does a gen Y or millenial get the same jolt as I do. Probably, but I loved it. Why is anime and Japanese animation in general so handy when doing these multi-modal ‘texts’? And the Popcorn tutorial is awesome. Show your work…then show others how to do their own work. If that ain’t a motto for 21st century teaching that you can put on a t-shirt, then I am Angry Walter.

    Today’s anti-spam? Mr Plexus

  2. I love popcorn !
    Love your animation too.

    The anime comes, I think, out of My neighbor Totoro.
    I like Ghibli’s work, especially when the music is by Joe Hisaishi, one of my favorite composers.

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