Slice of Life: Wicked Short Stories

(This is a Slice of Life post, in which we share out the events of the day. It runs through March and then every Tuesday throughout the year, and is facilitated by the folks atTwo Writing Teachers. You write, too.)

I’m not sure why, but I got into a real groove yesterday morning with short form fiction, as part of the #25wordstory hashtag on Twitter. It’s an activity I do every now and then, and I am often inspired when others write their own #25wordstory. So, when I saw a bunch of stories by my National Writing Project friend, Brian Fay, I found myself writing a few of my own.

I used Storify to collect them, and now, to share them out for Slice of Life. If the act of writing isn’t a slice of life, then what is, right? I can’t believe we are almost at the end of March. How’d that happen?

Peace (in the small story),

  1. As someone who works hard to write short, I can’t believe I had forgotten seeing that you do these! I have always admired them on Twitter. I think I shall mimic you and write short today. You are so good at it. I need to look at the world with different eyes I think.

    • I’ve done them with students by giving them a paper with 25 grids, where they have to fill in each grid with a word. Some loved it. Some hated it.

  2. Everytime you post one of these on Twitter I think I should give it a try. I really is harder than it looks! Kudos to you for having a collection of them.

  3. I always enjoy what writers put together in these, Kevin. This time, that boy and the snowball in the corner speaks to me-so much more in that than 25 words!

  4. I challenge my students to spend $2 (20 dimes = 20 words) in writing a concise summary. I love this 25 word story challenge. They would think they were getting off easy as length of story or essay is always their first question. “How long does it have to be?”

    I left you a reply at Thank you for the beautiful comments poem about my hike.
    D 🙂

  5. Kevin, your creativity and insight delight me. Love, love, love this. And thank you for the kind words you have spread across this writing community. Today, as I left a trail of my responses, I have been equally delighted by your poetry responses. Thank you! Your work and your words inspire!

  6. How do you do this?! How do you manage to create such poignant and compelling stories in so few words? I would love to try this with kids. It’s like your line-lifting – you see stories everywhere and in everything. Such talent!

  7. It was you Kevin who introduced me to the 25 word story. You have prompted me to go back in compose some more. I’m sure you would love Oliver Jeffers, Once upon An Alphabet-Short Stories For All The Letters. Your quirky, poetic heart would revel in such delicious word play
    A crafter
    A wordsmith
    A linker
    A thinker
    Brief little stories
    But never, a stinker.

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