1. Same problem of the embed size and the blog size. Might be better for the noobie to just click on the ‘view this link’ in upper right hand corner. And, yes, this works. The one I did with th political cartoon resembled a mashup of a blog post and a lesson plan. Weird and totally unintended. Yours seems like a collaborative and synchronous Slack session. I added mine in a Hypothes.is comment.

    antispammorobocomment: ago cheap It was ago, long ago ago. Like really done past and gone,Daddio. And so cheap, too cheap to meter cheap like electricity in the 60’s. So, like man. it was so ‘ago cheap’ that no believes me. Yeah, ya dig?

    • The sizing makes understanding the whole difficult, I think. I wonder why it doesn’t auto-size images? Interesting how many different paths we take just to have an opportunity to annotate something as a collaborative experience.

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