Political Comics: Views on a Wayward President

Somewhere in the White House

I don’t even harbor the thinking that a comic can put our country on a better path. Particularly a comic that I make. But it is one way I process the world.

We The People

The challenge, I have found, is to try to project some insight, without getting too snarky. My political view on this president has always been clear: he’s a fraud who’s taking us down a bad road, with terrible consequences, and the GOP, led by the Senate, is letting him do it.

Hiding in the Bunker

Peace (elections on the horizon),

  1. That last one.


    So good.

    The orange thing.

    I read each to Scott. We both sighed. Who would have imagined he’d continue to be a tv jerk and not a president?


    Note: You’re now in my InoReader and I noticed I hadn’t read 8 of your blog posts! So, tonight was dogtrax reading.

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