Getting Loopy: Logic Animation

I was trying out Loopy, a neat little systems thinking tool. I was pondering the recursive nature of Generative Chatbots eating poems on the Web for its database and then using those texts and format to regurgitate them when prompted for poems. Notice where human agency gets isolated here (is that true? maybe or maybe not)

My Loopy experiment

Peace (and Paths),

PS — thanks to Richard Byrne for the suggestion on this one via his blog

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  1. Thank you for the introduction to this tool. Your loopy experiment has me thinking. I am (invisibly) working alongside you on the AI/poetry/human in/out thinking as I co-write an academic paper. It seems to me that the ‘human’ is not only central but integrated and messy/cross-lined with the AI input and output of various sorts. I’m seeing how loopy could represent this. It seems we often return to systems thinking in #CLMOOC

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